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DM Sports Therapy - Whitchurch Rugby Club

Daniel Mee of DM Sports Therapy writes:

DM Sports therapy has relocated to a fully equipped clinic at Whitchurch Rugby club. The sports injury clinic includes a traditional ‘treatment room’ with a comfortable plinth used for injury assessment, certain treatment techniques and sports massage. We also have a ‘rehabilitation room’, which includes equipment such as weights, resistance bands, kettlebells and other exercise equipment which we use to treat and rehabilitate our patients.

We pride ourselves on offering treatment & rehabilitation based on the best scientific evidence available. Within my treatment & rehabilitation plans I do not just focus on the specific injury, but the whole athlete to avoid deconditioning.

Members of the Whitchurch Whippets will still receive 20% off initial injury assessments as well as sports massage. Any questions or for some free advice feel free to get in contact me on the details below.'

Daniel Mee BSc (hons) MSST

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Notice Posted: 26th March 2015

Total Sports Medicine Ltd

Thought you might be interested in this Physiotherapy service. They are offering a discount to our members.

Mark Radcliffe writes: We worked with South Cheshire Harriers for the past 2 years offering discounted treatment & massages to its members and providing pre & post event massage at their race meetings. As well as this we are also a source of contact for anyone who has question and just want advise via social media with links to our website.

Total sports Ltd Ad

Notice Posted: 19th January 2014

The Functional Spine Company

Geoff Bucknall writes:

Great to meet you the other day before your run. Here is a little about me and what I can offer your members if they wish.

Nice to meet you all and hope the training is going well! I am the Chiropractor at Whitchurch Rugby Club on Edgeley Road and Managing Director of The Functional Spine Company. I have recently moved back to Shropshire after working in several renowned Chiropractic clinics around the country as well as working for a number of other rugby clubs in that time.

As of the start of August 2013, I will be holding a clinic every Tuesday and Thursday 3.30pm till 6.30pm at Whitchurch Rugby Club (two doors to the right of where you meet!). And as an opening offer to Whitchurch Whippets, for the first month (August 2013) your full consultation, physical exam and first treatment will only be £20 giving you a £55 discount. This will include postural, neurological, orthopaedic and Chiropractic assessments as well as your first treatment if it is deemed necessary.

Not only has Chiropractic been shown to be effective in the management of conditions such as low back pain, sports injuries and headaches but it can also increase and enhance sports performance. Having not run for many years, recently my girlfriend 'roped me into' the first ever Shrewsbury half marathon. In addition to training her and giving her corrective Chiropractic care she consequently ran sub 2hrs. I surprisingly came 33rd with a time of 1.26 (still not sure how that happened!). So I know how hard but enjoyable running can be.

If you do having any running related problems, gait/ biomechanical issues, sports injuries or any questions pop in and see me on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon before your session or on a Saturday afternoon if there is a Whitchurch Rugby home game.

Otherwise please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below..

Chiropractic Regards,


Dr G J Bucknall BSc MChiro DC CCEP


T: 07927191250



Notice Posted: 4th August 2013

ReBalance Physiotherapy Clinic

I have emailed you to introduce myself. I am a chartered physiotherapist and have recently set up my own practice in Malpas after working for the private sector for many years.

Since 2007 I have been providing pilates classes and domicillary physiotherapy in the south cheshire region as' Cheshire Pilates and Physio'. I have launched my new practice with a new name - 'ReBalance Physiotherapy' and have also created a new website which has a lot of useful information about myself, physiotherapy, sports injuries and pilates.

As an introductory offer I am giving initial assessments with a 50% discount. I would also like to offer your members an ongoing 10% discount on all physiotherapy treatment. All they will need to do is mention that they are a member of the club on booking. If using my online booking system the discount will be applied before billing.

Appointments can be made by phone, email or online through my website.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Claire Williams
BSc (hons), HPC (reg), AACP, APPI
07979 333209

Notice Posted: 15th September 2012

Open Physiotherapy Clinics

from John Robertson:

Starting on 10 Sept 2012, I will be holding open clinics on Monday evenings from 1800 - 2000 at 17 Green End, Whitchurch. These will be free of charge to your members. No appointment neccessary, first come first served. Proof of club membership will be required.

I have been qualified for 30 yrs and have worked at Tottenham Hotspur F.C.; Blackheath Rugby F.C & Cambridge Harriers A.C. If you have any questions please contact me.

Yours sincerely.

John Robertson


Phone: 07933 788657

Notice Posted: 24th August 2012

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