How it works

This is a short winter race series utilising Shrewsbury Park Runs. The format is a bit different to usual, but is one we hope you will enjoy, and it would be great to see plenty of Whippets rise to the Challenge.

The competition rules are very simple (but subject to confirmation before the first race):

1: On the Thursday Club night before the Park run you intend to run in, you should give James Rainbow your predicted race time. Alternately, post your predicted time via email/Facebook or give in a sealed envelope to James before the start of the Park Run. E.g. Joe Bloggs - 22 minutes and 30 seconds

2. Think very carefully, as to whether you want to select a PB time or go for an “easier pace”; and remember to factor in the hill!! If you are racing on the Sunday, you could always just “jog around” - you don’t have to run flat out.

3. Arrive at the start of the Park Run on Saturday morning with NO GPS running aids, NO watches, NO phones, NO pacers, NO metronomes – just you, your shoes and kit (hence naked racing!). There will be a visual inspection of wrists and arms etc before the start! You're also NOT allowed to get any time checks or pacing information from any other runner or spectator during the race.

4. All you have to do is run exactly the same time you predicted.

5. For every second you are away from your prediction (either faster or slower) score 1 point. E.g. you predict 22.30 and you run 23.02 – you score 32 points.

6. If you run exactly the same time as you predicted, e.g. you run exactly 22.30, then you score a bonus of minus 10 points.

7. The winner is the one who scores the LEAST amount of points from their 3 Park Runs.

8. You can change your predicted time for each round – it’s completely up to you.

9. You need to score points in at least three rounds (or your 3 best scores from 4) to count in the overall series.

10. The winner of the series will get a small trophy/memento presented at a convenient date.

Race Dates 2018/19

In the event of bad weather or other postponements each race has a backup date.

Date(Backup Date)
3rd November(17th November)
1st December(22nd December)
19th January(26th January)
9th February(23rd February)

Standings 2018/19 after Race 1

Note that only best 3 scores count.

Pos Runner Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Total
1 Janice Owen 1 1
2 Katie Prince 15 15
3 Paul Evans 19 19
4 Sarah Gill 35 35
5 Rob Ingham 39 39
6 John Dillon 40 40
7 Sue Evans 49 49
8 Natalie Stevenson 75 75
9 Peter Holmes 79 79

Race Results 2018/19

Note, only runners who complete 3 races can challenge for the series win.

Race 1 - 3rd November 2018

Runner Predicted Actual Difference
Janice Owen 31.29 31.28 1
Katie Prince 37.30 37.15 15
Paul Evans 26.39 26.2 19
Sarah Gill 30.30 29.55 35
Rob Ingham 25.00 24.21 39
John Dillon 22.00 21.20 40
Sue Evans 29.10 28.21 49
Natalie Stevenson 27.20 26.05 75
Peter Holmes 26.30 25.11 79

Race 2 - 1st December 2018

Runner Predicted Actual Difference

Race 3 - 19th January 2019

Runner Predicted Actual Difference

Race 4 - 9th February 2019

Runner Predicted Actual Difference