When the Flag Drops


I wrote this motor racing novel a) because I have been a Formula One fan since the days of James Hunt and b) because apart from a few books by Bob Judd in the early 1990’s (Silverstone, Formula One et al) there didn’t seem to be many Formula 1 novels around.

At the time I had also hoped it might tie in with a film about Formula One that Silvester Stallone was proposing to make. However, after problems with the Formula 1 powers that be, Silvester went on to make the awful racing movie called “Driven” set in the world of American CART racing. Formula One had a lucky escape!!

Anyway, I like to think of it as a Dick Francis on wheels. I hope I achieved what I set out to do - which was to write an easy to read adventure story.

Book Cover

Life as an F1 driver is tough, but for young Ryan Clarke it just got a whole lot tougher. First he loses his team-mate in a mystery accident, then his team boss threatens to pull out of the sport. As the glamorous, high-octane, F1 circus moves round the globe, Ryan’s troubles escalate. His career is thrown into jeopardy when he's accused of taking part in a sordid sex romp. But Ryan has no memory of the incident. Ryan must not only flush out his enemies but drive the race of his life to save his fledgling career...

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