Age Grading

Age Grading is a way of comparing performances by athletes of differing ages. A performance is given a percentage rating - related to the absolute best performances for a given event, age and sex. Let's look at a fictional example:

Event - 10k Road Race

John Brown age 29 - time 42:39 age grade 63.01%
Ruth Jones age 45 - time 51:40 age grade 63.00%

Age grading says that the two performances are pretty much equivalent.

Age Grading Differences

Different websites can calculate age grades in different ways which is why Park Run age grades do not match the age grades our results system generates. I suspect that is because Park Runs calculate by 5 year age group rather than by age in years. How calculations are rounded can also have an affect.

Whippet's Age Grading

Our club age grading is calculated on the same basis as the Howard Grub WAVA calculator using the official (2006/2010)factors produced by the World Masters Athletics body. A new set of factors (2014/15) have recently been released but we won't be moving onto these any time soon.

Please be aware that there are minor differences between calculations generated by the Howard Grubb calculator and the calculations I perform for our results. If in doubt - run a bit faster!

Howard Grubb WMA Age Grading Calculator

Checking Age Grades for yourself

You can use the Howard Grubb calculator in two main ways:

1. To calculate the Age Grading for a performance
2. To calculate a performance needed to achieve a given age grading %

The second way is useful for finding out what you need to run for a Club Standard!

Example 1 - Calculate Age Grading for a Performance

1. Complete the fields ringed in this diagram (Distance, Age, Sex and performance - the Time/distance/height box)

Age Grade example

2. Click on "Age Grade" and the result is shown in the Age-performance % box

Age Grade example

Example 2 - Calculate Performance needed to get a specific age%

In this example we will look for the performance needed by a 58 year old man to acheive a 65% age grading for a Half Marathon

1. Complete the fields ringed in this diagram (Distance, Age, Sex and % sought)

Age Grade example

2. Click on "Result" and the Performance needed is shown in the Time/distance/height box

Age Grade example

In our example a 1:50:33 performance is needed to achieve a 65% age grading