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Whitchurch Whippets is a friendly Road Running club for all abilities serving North Shropshire.

We meet at the Whitchurch Rugby Club on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm

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Mon 1st June - Start of Summer

Well - might as well stay positive!

31 Jul Racing to Resume?

Races are expected to resume with all runners spacing themselves out by 2m at the start. This does mean that the London Marathon may take several days to get underway and block streets as far south as Brighton. Once a race is underway atheletes may not get within 2m of the runner ahead or overtake.

Somehow, I think not!

Your guess as to when things will be back to normal is at least as good as mine. Stay safe and keep running!

Recent News

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Page last updated: 26th October 2020 by Simon Parsons

26th October

Hi folks. Just to let you know that after twelve and a half years I'm bowing out as webmaster at the end of the month. You'll be in great hands as Adam Richards is taking over. The website will also be getting a fresh new look.


18th October

Some very good running news in these strange times. Rob Weston lowered his own Club 10k record in the Cheshire 10k at Arley Hall today. Rob was home in 60th place in a very high quality field in a time of 33:14. Also in action with Rob were Richard Handley and Michael McKeown. Well done, Rob!

1st October

Hi all, if you are planning on running with us you will need to fill in this form before coming down - you only need to do it once, but if things change you need to let us know!

Please note that this MUST be done before you run with us.

Covid Collection Form

28th September

I've just checked the few races in the diary and have deleted the Aintrree Races, the Alcester 10k and the Donna Louise 10k as they have all been cancelled.

The Cheshire Arley hall 10k on the 18th October still appears to be on - but don't plan on going without checking nearer the date.

24th September

And backwrds we go again. The Farndon 10k this coming Sunday has now been cancelled.

16th September

Michael McKeown did do the Run through Tatton 10k at the weekend and writes:

"It was a really well organised event, with runners safety the main priority. Started in waves dependent on estimated time, slowly walking up to start in lines of 2 metres apart & plenty of room to overtake on course with safe distance. Sent number, chip before so arrived ready to go to designated starting wave.

Would recommend any Whippets to enter any of the forthcoming events – also nice and flat ! (my estimated time based on training was 72mins) – the 10K on 7th November comes with free tech t-shirt.

Hope to see you all soon"

14th September

It doesn't look like any Whippets did the Run Through Tatton 10k yesterday - but if you did, please let me know.

10th September

In light of the new restrictions announced yesterday by the government I have checked what they means for running. Run Britain and England Athletics have confirmed that the new measures will not impact club runs, organised races or the restart of Park Runs at the end of October.

If the situaton changes I will let you know.

Clearly, if you are planning to do a race it would still be best to check the race is still going ahead before travelling any distance.

29th August

Welcome back to racing. Racing kicked off again in the best possible way with a new 5k Club Record for Rob Weston in the Mid Cheshire 5k last night. Rob was accompanied by Saul Mellor who also set a new pb. Well done, both! We're geting there.

I've had a go at finding some races for you all. September looks very sparse but a number of races seem to be going ahead in October. If you are thinking of doing any of them please check when booking etc Some sites I've visited have been less than clear on the Covid situation.

5th August

Hi all, if you are planning on running with us again from next week you will need to fill in this form before coming down - you only need to do it once, but if things change you need to let us know!

Please note that this MUST be done before you run with us.

Covid Collection Form

2nd August

Unfortunately we will have to postpone restarting Club runs for a further week. They will start again on Tuesday 11th August.

John Dillon

18th July

Hi All

We are planning on starting back with Club runs on Tuesday 4th August. This will be subject to certain criteria being met and is therefore not definite. As soon as we have confirmation I will let you know.


John Dillon

26th May

Over the bank holiday members took part in a 67 hour long virtual relay to raise money for the Whitchurch Foodbank.

The food bank provides emergency food parcels to those most in need. Normally in a 6 month period they can help 1000 people in crisis. In these last two months they have already helped 450 individuals which is already a massive increase and puts added pressure on their supply chain. 1 in 5 families live below the poverty line and in the current global crisis its more important than ever to band together to help our local community.

The relay involved some 50 runners each running 45 or 90 minute laps. And running didn't stop when it got dark!

Starting at 5 am on Saturday the initial £500 target had been reached by Saturday evening. A final figure will be reported in due course.

The relay ended at Midnight on Monday the 25th May. Well done to everyone involved. It's also great to be able to report some running activity!

Here's a collage of pictures from the early stages.

Virtual Relay
Virtual Relay Mix

16th May

I'm messing around again today. Results, Rankings and Championship stats may show data for the wrong year for a while as I test some year end changes.  Shouldn't take too long to restore normal functioning. At least it's not interfering with any current racing activity!

15th May

I don't know if anyone is reading this web site at the moment. But just to let you know that I'm performing some maintenance on it today so it may look a bit iffy in places for short periods of time.


8th May

Jenny Spencer writes:

Hi all, a final reminder about subs, I have to give the final numbers to EA by the end of the month. I'm assuming that if you haven't renewed you won't be, and therefore I'll be deleting you from the Whippets and EA if I don't hear from you. We really don't want you to go, so please, if you haven't got round to it yet, do it now!! If you need the bank details contact either Dean or myself for them. Thanks and we really hope you decide to rejoin us.

17th March

As a result of England Athletics guidance Club Training sessions are suspended with immediate effect until further notice.

Sorry folks, but I guess it will come as no surprise.

16th March

While races still happen, yesterday saw the Shrewsbury 10k and Stafford Half Marathon take place. And a good job, too. There were pbs for David Bowie, Lisa Dale, Lee Dale, Libby Dudleston and Robin Price at Shrewsbury and Gary Gray, Saul Mellor and Suzy Wilkes at Stafford. Well done, all.

These were also Championship events and our early leaders are Dvaid Bowie and Libby Dudleston.

Club Championship

15th March

Eventually we managed to complete the Winter Handicap. And what a close competition it was. This year's winner was Duncan Meredith with a score of 18. In equal second were Dean Richards and Keith Cotton on 31. Congratulations, Duncan!  All told, 25 members took part in at least one of the races. Thanks go to Dean Richards for his organisation of the series. At least it got finished before you-know-what.

Winter Handicap

In rather subdued parkruns we had winners at Crewe and Alderford in the form of Rob Weston and Paul Parkinson respectively. There were also pbs for James Marston and Amy Biggar at Alderford. Well done, all.

11th March

Nikki Shingler writes:

"Fiona Leatham, and Liz Featherstone signed up for another a year of completing the challenging Grizzly run only this time instead of being sensible and spectating again, I entered the Grizzly cub run along with Sarah Gill.

Heading to the start we both thought what the hell were we thinking and before we knew it we were on the gruelling pebble beach, which also happened to be on quite a camber due to the rough sea and winds over the weekend.

Back on the road after about half a mile and whilst we started with the back markers, we then started to make some ground leaving Seaton behind and heading towards Beer (The village not the drink at that point unfortunately).

The road was a steep climb up in places (most places, in fact nearly every hill was steep) and soon we descended into Beer with good crowds of spectators, music, and noise we were then on another climb up to the heavens through the caravan park and across fields, where a mini storm found us but luckily soon passed. Our first 5 miles was completed in 1hr30, but then the next two miles took us nearly an hour to complete! A steep descent down a thick mud track, a surfboard would have been handy to help us down, before hitting the Beach, water and the aptly named “Stairway to Heaven” taking us from the beachside back up to the top of the cliffs. After recovering from the climb we ran across more fields taking in the views all round, before descending sharply into Beer again on the home stretch. Climbing back up through a narrow path we made it to the final descent as we could see the finish line over the buildings, putting a spurt on and seeing an opportunity to gain a few places we put our best foot forward and hot pressed it down the hill back to Seaton where we were greeted by some firemen ready to hose off the mud we’d collected on the way.

A really enjoyable weekend and race, very well supported and I’m still surprised to say not once did I think how much more have I got left to do?

Sarah and I finished 9.25miles in 2:57:36

Liz and Fiona finished 20.5miles i

 Grizzly Run Photos on Google

9th March

Spring racing has kicked off with a number of Whippets running in the Nick Beer 10k on saturday and the Chester 10k on Sunday. Lorrain Gillian went further, doing the Wrexham 20 miler. And, for good measure, James Rainbow did the Carding Mill Canter. There was a pb for James Marston at Chester. Well done, James.

I'm now going to have a small rant. The Chester results only gave Chip positions. This realiy  is not the right way to show race results. Results should be shown in the order people crosssed the finishing line. You'd be well hacked off if you crosssed the line first only to be later shown in 3rd place because two other runners chose to start further back in the field! Just saying.

8th March

It was good to see so many of you out this morning for the Whitchurch 10k training.

Not much to report. Rob Weston and Paul Parkinson were the first two home at Alderford yesterday and there was a first pb with the club for Pauline Plant at Shrewsbury.


8th March

Hi Whippets, it's renewals time coming up. As in previous year's the club is going to do an early bird deal. If you pay by 31st March it will be £25. If you pay on the 1st April or after, it will be £26. Remember, if you entered the marathon ballot, you've already paid!

If you do want to pay now and don't have the club's bank details contact Jen Spencer or Dean Richards. You can also find the details in the club's Facebook group pages.

5th March

Just learned that a few Whippets ran at Oulton Park on Sunday. Julie Hunt and Alison Birch ran the 10k while Lynn Norton did the 5k. It was a pb with the club for Julie Hunt. And Alison was well happy with her performance.

4th March

A few bits of news. The final round of the Winter Handicap will now be on the 14th March as part of the Alderford Lake parkrun.

Ali Hunter, Sticks, Ed and Sue Vine and Karena Evans did the Shawbury 10k on Saturday just gone. There were pbs for Ali, Karena and Ed. Well done, all.

Finally, Fiona Leatham did the Seville Marathon on the 23rd Feb off little training. Still, it's a lovely city!

1st March

Conditions put paid to the Alderford Lake parkrun and our Winter handicap. I'll publish the rearranged Handicap date when I know what it is! Other parkruns did happen but nothing special to report.

It was good to see the Whitchurch 10k training groups out on the road this morning. Next run will be next Sunday from the SJT School at 10:00.

23rd February

With the Alderford Lake parkrun cancelled there were not a great many Whippets in action yesterday - those that did run were well spread around! Highlight was Rob Weston's first place at Crewe. No pbs to report.

20th February

Two small bits of news. Our annual Couch to 5k course starts on Thursday 9th April - 7pm at the Rugby Club. More details here: Couch to 5k

Just as we did last year, we are also holding Sunday morning training sessions throughout March for anyone doing the Whitchurch 10k. These sessions are open to non members - experienced club members will lead groups suitable for all abilities. Meet at SJT at 10:00 to register and to warm up. Groups will leave for their runs at 10:15. First session on Sunday 1st March.

16th February

I'm full of admiration for anyone who ran in yesterdays rain and wind - but it's no surprise there were no pbs from the small clutch of parkrun results.

So, I'll just remind you all that the final round of the Winter Handicap is on Saturday 29th Feb as part of the Alderford Lake parkrun. Your predictions to Dean Richards before the start.

Winter Handicap

12th February

Membership Sec Jenny Spencer writes:

Hi Whippets, it's renewals time coming up and two things to think about. Firstly, I think everyone has had an email saying that England Athletics is going digital, so your renewal registration pack will be via email. This only works if your email address is up to date with EA! If you haven't received the email I suggest you log on to the portal with your URN (everyone has had one when they registered and to enter races), and make sure all your details are up to date, including home addresses. Some of you have moved house I think, and not told me. If you have, could you let me know so that I can update the club records too. Thanks.

Secondly, EA have put their price up AGAIN this year, but the club is going to do an early bird deal. If you pay by 31st March it will be £25. If you pay on the 1st April or after, it will be £26. Remember, if you entered the marathon ballot, you've already paid! I'm not expecting payment yet, but reminders will be going out at regular intervals from now.

If you do want to pay now and don't have the club's bank details contact Jen Spencer or Dean Richards

9th February

Paul Parkinson was first home at Alderford Lake and Jon Bliss set a new pb at Bedfont Lakes, and that's the news from yesterdays parkruns. Well done, both.

3rd February

It was a great end to the Cross Country season at Oswestry on Saturday. Fielding teams of 5 runners, our men finished 4th on the day whilst our women were 7th. Our men ended in the season in 4th place - our best ever finish - just 2 points off 3rd and not that far off promotion. Our women finished in 7th place matching last year. As well as our team's doing well, Rob Weston ended the season in 3rd individula place. Well done, all and congratulations to team managers Simon Phllips and Rachael Foster.

Cross Country

Nothing special to report from Saturday's parkruns.

Just a reminder that the club championship season kicks off on the 16th February with the Village Bakery Half Marathon -  now called the Wrexham Half Marathon.

Club Championship

27th January

For any Whippets running in the final North Wales XC fixture this Saturday (1st Feb) we'll be meeting up at the Rugby Club at 11:40am to share lifts. For those making their own way the venue is Marches School, Oswestry, SY11 2AP. It starts an hour earlier than normal, so the ladies start is 1pm and the men at 1:45pm.

26th January

Yesterdays parkruns saw pbs for Amy Biggar and James Marston at Alderford Lake and Gary Gray and Richard Handley at The Wammy. Well done, all!

23rd January

Some of you may be interested in this workshop that takes place in Shrewsbury on 16 February. It will cover planning, structuring and monitoring your training, followed by a practical session on conditioning and strengthening key muscle groups to aid running.  The workshop is being run with Ruddy Farquharson, an expert in Strength and Conditioning who works with runners and British Gymnastics.

20th January

Just two Whippets contested yesterday's Essar For Villages Half - Richard Handley and Lorraine Gillan. Both setting pbs. Well done, both!

Frday night saw half a dozen Whippets run the 3rd Dash in the Dark Race of the season. You don't have to be mad to do this sport, but it does help. I hope the post race refreshments were good!

19th January

Some people will do anything to get out of the Winter Handicap - but going inside? A special parkrun at HMP Tern Hill saw 7 Whippets do time ranging from 17:25 (Rob Weston) to 39:35 (Nikki Shingler)! Well done, folks.

Dean still managed to keep an eye on the Handicap and writes:

Round 3 of the Winter Handicap this morning and 12 runners took part. 27 runners have taken part in at least 1 run and there are 8 runners who can still qualify for the overall win as it is 3 out of 4 runs to score. After 3 runs the best 2 scores count, current top 3 are;

8 - Duncan Meredith

21 Dean Richards

26 Sue Evans

Someone will have to let me know when the final race is because I don't know!
There were no pbs set at any of the parkruns.

13th January

The North Wales XC league shifted to a new venue in Shrewsbury on Saturday and it turned out to be a tougher course than imagined! Once again we finished full teams. The men did particularly well to finish 3rd team in their division on the day.  Our men now sit 4th in their division with the Women eighth in theirs. Our teams were:


11 Rob Weston

65 Rob Sharam

72 Saul Mellor

74 Dean Richards

87 Ali Hunter

97 Simon Phillips


42 Libby Dudleston

79 Mimi Owen

98 Liz Featherstone

The final fixture is at the Marches School in Oswestry on the 1st February.

Cross Country

There are no pbs to report from Saturday's parkruns.



7th January

For any Whippets running in the North Wales XC this Saturday (11th) we'll be meeting up at the Rugby Club at 12:45pm to share lifts. If you’re making your own way the venue is Roman Road Sports Centre, Longden Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 9DW. This is a different venue from the original fixture list. The ladies start is 2pm and the men at 2:45pm.

5th January

Whippets were up and about in a variety of parkruns yesterday. Just two pbs to report for Jon Bliss and Gary Gray. Well done, both. Vicky Hopwood was first lady at Alderford Lake.

No sign of County Championship XC results yet - I'm hoping that some of you ran.

2nd January

Happy New Year.

The year got off to a great start with Rob Weston romping home in first place in the Wammy parkrun yesterday. Rob set a new club record of 16:16 for 5k slashing 22 seconds off his old record. Someone wasn't eating or drinking enough over the festive period! Well done, Rob.

No other pbs to report. And,  yes, I did spot that some of you ran twice yesterday. Those with nothing better to do can scour the results to identify the guilty parties.

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