Emily Dove
2012 Champion Emily Dove
John Dillon
2012 Champion John Dillon

Qualifying Races  Championship Standings

How it works

The Club Championship is based on best performances over 1 mile, 5k, 10k and Half Marathon. Contenders must compete in at least one qualifying race at each distance. There are Championships for men and women and there are also runner-up awards.

Scoring. Each race performance generates an Age-Related performance. The percentages for the best performance over each distance will be added together to produce a total.

For example in 2015 Kevin Smith's best percentage performances in the qualifying races were:

DistanceRace/DateAge Grade
1 Mile30th June78.17
5k1st August81.72
10kAir Products82.78
HMLake Vyrnwy82.25

If you'd like to understand how age grading works or calculate performances needed to achieve an age grade see Age Grading

Qualifying Races 2017

The following races are subject to change - and some dates are not yet known

1 Mile Club Magic Mile27th June
1 Mile Club Magic Mile20th July
1 Mile Club Magic Mile10th August
1 Mile Club Magic Mile5th September
1 Mile Club Magic Mile24th September
5k Shrewsbury Park Run25th March
5k Mid Cheshire28th April
5k Shrewsbury Park Run1st July
5k Christleton19th May
5k Park Hall14th June
5k Ellesmere Port16th August
5k Shrewsbury Park Run16th September
10k Shrewsbury 10k19th March
10k Arley Hall26th March
10k SJT Whitchurch 10k9th April
10k Air Products 10k16th April
10k Shawbury Centenary 10k21st May
10k Helena Tipping 10k30th July
10k Ellesmere 10k27th August
10k Farndon 10k15th October
HM Village Bakery HM19th February
HM Wrexham HM12th March
HM Stafford Half Marathon19th March
HM Chester HM21st May
HM Shrewsbury Half Marathon18th June
HM Lake Vyrnwy HM10th September

** Provided the race receives a UKA Race Licence

Men's Championship Standings 2017

Name Mile Race 5K Race 10K Race HM Race Total
Simon Phillips74.3227 June75.5328 April75.72Air Products 10k70.17Shrewsbury Half Marathon295.74
Dean Richards67.9927 June70.4119 May69.88Air Products 10k66.26Chester Half Marathon274.54
Keith Cotton67.9527 June67.6325 March65.31Shrewsbury 10k64.96Chester Half Marathon265.85
Dave Thornton65.4627 June64.4519 May64.29Air Products 10k61.00Village Bakery Half255.20
Gareth Dodd73.1027 June76.9328 April77.53Cheshire 10k0 227.56
Jonathan Morgan71.6027 June77.0628 April74.32SJT Whitchurch 10k0 222.98
Duncan Meredith61.6927 June40.171 July61.28SJT Whitchurch 10k58.46Village Bakery Half221.60
Mark Gregory71.1527 June0 67.26SJT Whitchurch 10k67.80Chester Half Marathon206.21
James Rainbow59.0427 June58.5514 June55.85Shawbury 10k0 173.44
Robert Sharam71.7027 June74.4619 May0 0 146.16
John Dillon69.2927 June72.841 July0 0 142.13
Andy Heath0 0 69.19SJT Whitchurch 10k70.94Village Bakery Half140.13
Sid Paul69.7127 June0 66.91SJT Whitchurch 10k0 136.62
Duncan Raynor64.2827 June62.941 July0 0 127.22
Richard Stewart0 0 65.35SJT Whitchurch 10k58.80Shrewsbury Half Marathon124.15
Ken Robbins0 64.1125 March58.83SJT Whitchurch 10k0 122.94
Simon Huxley63.0927 June0 55.66Shrewsbury 10k0 118.75
Robert Ingham59.2727 June0 0 50.46Shrewsbury Half Marathon109.73
Martin Lane54.1127 June0 0 0 54.11
Mark Musgrove0 0 50.21SJT Whitchurch 10k0 50.21
Adam Richards48.6427 June0 0 0 48.64
Michael McKeown0 39.651 July0 0 39.65
Thomas Woodworth0 23.2225 March0 0 23.22
Neil Spencer0 0 0 0 0

Women's Championship Standings 2017

Name Mile Race 5K Race 10K Race HM Race Total
Mimi Owen82.7427 June80.6028 April78.22Shawbury 10k78.24Village Bakery Half319.80
Liz Rankin67.9127 June66.2328 April59.53SJT Whitchurch 10k59.65Village Bakery Half253.32
Louise Baldwin67.4527 June65.201 July64.13Shawbury 10k50.14Shrewsbury Half Marathon246.92
Elizabeth Featherstone66.6427 June58.5414 June61.05Cheshire 10k58.03Wrexham Half Marathon244.26
Fiona Challinor64.3627 June62.7419 May58.39Shrewsbury 10k56.60Shrewsbury Half Marathon242.09
Janet Burgess64.4927 June60.931 July58.97SJT Whitchurch 10k0 184.39
Katie Webster0 61.8919 May59.30Shawbury 10k58.22Village Bakery Half179.41
Michelle Scrase58.0727 June54.711 July49.71SJT Whitchurch 10k0 162.49
Leah Leonard71.8027 June0 71.24SJT Whitchurch 10k0 143.04
Charlotte Giddings0 0 65.89SJT Whitchurch 10k67.60Chester Half Marathon133.49
Cathy McAllister66.1827 June0 0 58.76Village Bakery Half124.94
Michelle Purcell0 0 56.58SJT Whitchurch 10k53.67Village Bakery Half110.25
Claire Stewart0 0 53.29SJT Whitchurch 10k49.89Shrewsbury Half Marathon103.18
Helen Robbins0 66.0925 March0 0 66.09
Jennifer O'Reilly65.6627 June0 0 0 65.66
Rachael Foster0 0 63.21SJT Whitchurch 10k0 63.21
Michelle Read62.4527 June0 0 0 62.45
Lynn Norton0 60.701 July0 0 60.70
Jen Spencer0 60.661 July0 0 60.66
Caroline Nelson0 0 58.24SJT Whitchurch 10k0 58.24
Sheridan Lane56.7527 June0 0 0 56.75
Mirta Calvo0 0 55.57Shrewsbury 10k0 55.57
Sarah Musgrove0 0 55.35SJT Whitchurch 10k0 55.35
Claire Trump0 0 55.07SJT Whitchurch 10k0 55.07
Mandy Lewis0 0 0 49.39Village Bakery Half49.39
Ceri Hope0 0 46.01SJT Whitchurch 10k0 46.01
Gillian Fowles0 0 0 0 0
Georgina Fowles0 0 0 0 0
Christine Henderson0 0 0 0 0
Sue Taylor0 0 0 0 0

Men's Championship Final Standings 2016

Name Mile Race 5K Race 10K Race HM Race Total
John Dillon85.4221 July85.0117 September84.23Helena Tipping 10k85.00Lake Vyrnwy Half339.66
Kevin Smith78.4221 July81.072 July81.87Air Products 10k83.31Village Bakery Half324.67
Jonathan Morgan70.0711 August77.1717 September78.18Market Drayton 10k75.57Village Bakery Half300.99
Ken Robbins72.1328 June74.692 July74.31Helena Tipping 10k75.85Lake Vyrnwy Half296.98
Simon Phillips73.3028 June71.942 July69.25Ellesmere 10k70.36Lake Vyrnwy Half284.85
Dean Richards68.6621 July69.5917 September62.40Ellesmere 10k64.59Lake Vyrnwy Half265.24
Duncan Meredith62.7521 July62.5217 September61.63Market Drayton 10k61.02Shrewsbury Half Marathon247.92
Mark Musgrove68.5028 June66.692 July62.20Market Drayton 10k0 197.39
Laurence Evans67.5011 August0 65.22Ellesmere 10k64.61Stafford Half Marathon197.33
Robert Sharam74.2521 July0 0 71.90Stafford Half Marathon146.15
Andy Heath66.1528 June0 0 69.35Shrewsbury Half Marathon135.50
Richard Stewart0 0 67.11Market Drayton 10k62.73Lake Vyrnwy Half129.84
Garry Norton63.6021 July0 60.07Market Drayton 10k0 123.67
Mark Gregory65.0528 June0 56.39Market Drayton 10k0 121.44
Dave Thornton62.196 September0 59.01Ellesmere 10k0 121.20
James Rainbow57.8828 June58.6517 September0 0 116.53
Steve Cope53.7628 June0 0 49.91Lake Vyrnwy Half103.67
Michael McKeown49.0111 August47.336 August0 0 96.34
Adam Richards0 0 42.52Ellesmere 10k40.83Lake Vyrnwy Half83.35
Gareth Dodd0 0 73.41Air Products 10k0 73.41
Neil Spencer69.5121 July0 0 0 69.51
Roger Smith0 0 67.50Shrewsbury 10k0 67.50
Matt Lucas65.946 September0 0 0 65.94
Keith Cotton0 0 0 65.82Wrexham Half Marathon65.82
Simon Parsons0 0 61.71Market Drayton 10k0 61.71
Graeme Alexander0 0 61.32Market Drayton 10k0 61.32
James Marsh0 0 59.37Market Drayton 10k0 59.37
Paul Dobson0 0 55.01Market Drayton 10k0 55.01
Simon Huxley0 49.862 July0 0 49.86
John Rowlands0 0 0 49.11Shrewsbury Half Marathon49.11
Andrew Atkin41.8128 June0 0 0 41.81
Thomas Woodworth0 0 35.75Ellesmere 10k0 35.75

Women's Championship Final Standings 2016

Name Mile Race 5K Race 10K Race HM Race Total
Mimi Owen79.0521 July77.676 August76.46Ellesmere 10k75.59Lake Vyrnwy Half308.77
Leah Leonard73.3628 June73.936 August73.12Air Products 10k74.82Chester Half Marathon295.23
Elizabeth Featherstone65.516 September62.0517 September59.49Ellesmere 10k59.25Lake Vyrnwy Half246.30
Liz Rankin64.606 September60.473 September63.05Farndon 10k57.52Chester Half Marathon245.64
Katie Webster62.3211 August61.6117 September59.25Helena Tipping 10k58.97Lake Vyrnwy Half242.15
Fiona Challinor61.9121 July62.8717 September58.92Ellesmere 10k58.28Stafford Half Marathon241.98
Jo Grandfield75.716 September0 74.12Ellesmere 10k76.70Lake Vyrnwy Half226.53
Cathy McAllister62.1228 June0 61.46Ellesmere 10k59.19Chester Half Marathon182.77
Sheridan Lane55.6011 August52.106 August55.72Farndon 10k0 163.42
Pamela Hardy0 0 70.93Shrewsbury 10k68.01Village Bakery Half138.94
Helen Robbins0 66.9317 September65.33Ellesmere 10k0 132.26
Michelle Read63.9311 August0 0 61.45Shrewsbury Half Marathon125.38
Louise Baldwin63.826 September0 57.80Ellesmere 10k0 121.62
Janet Burgess62.086 September0 0 58.30Lake Vyrnwy Half120.38
Lynn Norton62.0028 June0 58.16Market Drayton 10k0 120.16
Jo Evans0 0 57.71Market Drayton 10k58.92Chester Half Marathon116.63
Michelle Purcell59.3821 July0 56.02Market Drayton 10k0 115.40
Leanne Sands56.3521 July0 0 51.59Lake Vyrnwy Half107.94
Michelle Norton56.8328 June0 49.47Market Drayton 10k0 106.30
Mandy Lewis0 0 53.01Market Drayton 10k51.24Village Bakery Half104.25
Gillian Fowles0 49.943 September45.51Market Drayton 10k0 95.45
Nikki Diamond43.3828 June44.782 July0 0 88.16
Jo Tinman44.3328 June42.692 July0 0 87.02
Christine Henderson0 0 69.40Ellesmere 10k0 69.40
Libby Dudleston0 0 66.33Market Drayton 10k0 66.33
Karen Smith0 0 0 61.81Chester Half Marathon61.81
Joanna Lloyd59.816 September0 0 0 59.81
Caroline Nelson0 0 0 57.55Lake Vyrnwy Half57.55
Linda Viner0 0 0 56.95Village Bakery Half56.95
Jen Spencer0 0 56.66Market Drayton 10k0 56.66
Narg Harris55.7011 August0 0 0 55.70
Clare Davies53.776 September0 0 0 53.77
Heather Stewart0 0 53.45Market Drayton 10k0 53.45
Sally-Ann Chesters53.296 September0 0 0 53.29
Emma Mason51.9228 June0 0 0 51.92
Sarah Musgrove0 0 51.58Market Drayton 10k0 51.58
Amy Asquith48.1111 August0 0 0 48.11
Claire Stewart0 0 47.68Market Drayton 10k0 47.68
Helen Gorman47.006 September0 0 0 47.00
Louisa James46.3011 August0 0 0 46.30